By now you have looked at all the pages on the web site and have seen what a wonderful place this is. However we all know that no place, even our dream property is perfect. So before you come and visit, here are some reality checks that you should bear in mind.

  1. We are in a flood zone. We have not had water threatening the house in the 25 years we have lived here. I was told by some old timers that there was water under the house in the big 1964 flood. If you need to have a mortgage you will be required to get flood insurance. It is expensive.
  2. There is no city government or services here. Road maintenance is up to the people who live on the road. This includes snow plowing in the winter. I have a tractor and I do a lot of the work. Most of the neighbors gladly pay for my time and materials. We have been snowed in once in the last 25 years.
  3. We are on a small electric circuit and there are a lot of trees here. Power will go off 3-4 times per year. Rarely, but sometimes, if the outage is on our road it can take up to a week to get it fixed. Our wood stove, oil lamps and gravity fed water make it easy to survive power outages.
  4. Cell phone service is limited but the internet connection is good
  5. We are the first home the community water system. The water we use is wonderful mountain spring water. The water company has three easements on our property. We are paid $1200 per year for these easements. The water bill is a flat $400 per year. So we have free water and $800 to boot. One easement is for the road up to the storage tanks. The water company maintains this road. Another easement is for the underground water line. The third easement is for a control and testing shed attached to the tractor shed.  Under normal circumstances water company personnel access the property once per week.
  6. The water company back up well is owned by us and our successors. But the water company paid for it and uses it as a backup for the community system during low spring output and maintenance.
  7. The house and buildings are old.  Over 90 years old. They are in good shape at this time, HOWEVER remember that we are in a rain forest. Moisture and wood don’t get along – so there is ongoing structural maintenance and insect control on the buildings.
  8. One aspect of living in a rain forest is that things like to grow here. This means good things like mushrooms and berries but also lots and lots of underbrush and weeds. Without weed control, the property would become a jungle in just a few years. Be ready to do or hire a lot of yard work. Also remember that our beautiful trees get old and sometimes diseased. Be ready to clean up fallen trees a couple of time a years. One or twice we have had trees fall across the road
  9. We border wilderness. This is great for watching and seeing wildlife. But wildlife is, well, it is wild. A cougar attacked our dog right in the entry way to the house on May 1 2017. Bears are occasional visitors as are raccoons. We have coyotes around. OFW predicts that wolves will be close by in a couple of years. Herons sometimes snack on our goldfish. Good news is that salmon spawn in the rivers and creeks and we always see a lot of deer.

This is our dream place, we love, it so I don’t mean to be negative. But in the times we have shown the property to prospective buyers I have been surprised about how little some of them knew about living in a mountain forest.