​Salmonberry Springs

"Time passes slowly up here in the mountains..."

Our Magical home for 23 years, Salmonberry Springs, is for sale. We are getting old and and can no longer take care of it properly.  

If you have a love of the the forests, rivers and mountains of the Pacific Northwest

If you want gardens and wild forest to care for and walk through right out your front door

If you want a river to fish and swim in

If you can maintain and repair historic old buildings

If you want to live in a small community and know the first names of the clerks at the store, tellers at the bank and everyone else in town

If you want to see the stars at night and feel the snow in winter

If you want to meet and host people from all over the country and earn a little extra income while working at home

If you want a place that your children and grandchildren will love and remember

If you want all this - take a look at the following pages..........